How do you answer the phone for carpet and upholstery cleaning?

How much thought have you put into how you and your staff answer the phone when customers call? 


We are always surprised when we find out how little effort is put into this part of your business, remember this is the first contact with the customer and sets the tone for the relationship you have with them.

Here are some key questions you should be asking and information you should be providing:

  1. Why have they chosen to contact you?

  2. How did they find out about you?  Was it a recommendation, an advertisement or possibly an internet search?

  3. What exactly is the outcome they are trying to achieve?

  4. Do you extend the conversation by asking a lot of questions?

  5. Do you explain the process you use when cleaning carpets and upholstery?

  6. Do you have a list of questions, or a checklist, for staff to run through with customers?

There are many operators in this industry and it is a highly competitive market, don’t think you can gain new business by getting into a price war with your competition. 

We can teach you how to sell your business, your staff and the services you provide and take the focus away from price.

With over 20 years’ experience industry and building one of the largest cleaning and restoration companies in the South East Queensland we can help by working with you to develop and refine your script/s for answering the phone, get in touch with us.

TipJulius Zsadony