The 10 key points to make money in the industry


What are the key attributes to setup yourself up to make money as a carpet and upholstery cleaning technician.

1.       Do you have state of the art equipment?  Are you missing a key piece of equipment that would allow to better service clients?

10-tips to make money in the carpet cleaning industry, ACRA, Australian Cleaning and Restoration Academy

2.       Look at your chemicals, do you have the ability to:

a.       Treat for allergies?

b.       Provide protection for carpet, fabric and leather?

c.       Undertake dust mite treatment?

d.       Can you tackle urine and other odour causing issues?

3.       What are your people skills? Are you turning up happy? Are you communicating with the clients effectively?

4.       What is your problem solving ability?  How you deal with unexpected situations?

5.       Do you conduct a carpet audit?  This important step should be part of your process on every job.

6.       Do you provide services for all types of flooring?  Are you missing on out valuable upsells because you don’t provide a service which naturally integrates with your core services?

7.       What is your knowledge of the various services you offer?  Can you undertake training to bring your level up to expert for all services?

8.       Paperwork skills, do you track your paperwork electronically with a database to log your customer jobs accurately.

9.       Hours willing to work.  Are you flexible, willing to work more when there is demand?

10.   How good is your marketing?  Are you customer’s cheerleaders for your business? Do you have a customer appreciation program?

All these attributes combine together to enable you to provide a service that customers want and expect and in turn enable you to make more money and profit for your business.

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