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Garry has helped me more than any other supplier has. During water damage jobs he has conducted video calls to assist me in setting up the equipment. I cannot fault his after sales service and the equipment he sells is innovative and very effective. So much so I have stopped buying LGR dehumidifiers in favour of Drymatic heat drying equipment as it is so much more effective. Thanks Garry.

"I was talking to a colleague in the restoration industry who suggested I contact Garry Carroll and have a chat. Since then I have flown up twice to his training courses, bringing my manager up with me the second time, as well as invested in the Drymatic equipment. Garry really walks the walk as well as talking the talk. We have been delighted with the results that we are getting with the Drymatic system and even more importantly in the support that we have received from Garry. If you are serious about doing restoration right I suggest that you pick up the phone and give Garry a call"


"Great course, very informative, with nearly no experience in structural drying I left the day with a much better understanding of traditional and new methods of drying. I would recommend the course not only to any person involved in restoration but also to any builder involved in insurance or emergency work." CAMERON GOW


"The course was very informative. It was delivered in a very organised manner. Overall it was a great course." MARY KERRIGAN


"Garry’s 1-Day Structural Drying course was a great starter for my people. Thanks for a very interesting and informative day." NADINE CZERNER


"This was my first introduction into water damage restoration. Garry’s training and knowledge was very insightful. Very good value for money." JAMIE CZERNER


I have found Garry’s training and knowledge one of the best, when I need help he is their anytime of the day or night and weekend.DAVID HALL


“Garry is able to run a very informative session whilst keeping the content interesting and practical. We have been so impressed with Garry’s training sessions that we are in the midst of organising Garry to run an in-house refresher course for our Technicians.”

“Our staff have attended 2 of DBK's training courses this year run by Garry Carroll. 8 of our staff members attended the first course and 5 attended the second and feedback from all of our staff that attended both sessions has been very positive ... Garry's passion for the industry combined with his thirst for knowledge and his eagerness to share this with other businesses is a credit to not only himself but DBK. See you down here soon Garry.” WESTAWAY RESTORATIONS


“Have attended a couple training courses with Garry and upon completion I was highly satisfied that I got the information that I went there for. The thing I really liked is that I was able to do the training I wanted to do with out being told I had to do this and that other course as prerequisite. Garry's no "BS" approach to teaching and the fountain of knowledge would be an asset to anyone in the industry. As for the heat drying equipment and training,if you haven't gotten on board yet I suggest it's time you do. Garry will show you how to grow a better and more profitable business! Many thanks to Garry and the team :)” JASON RASSCHAERT


“I have known Garry Carroll for a long, long period. I have watched him for many years and have monitored his progress. I have always appreciated Garry, even when most others thought him to be brash and arrogant. Garry has always sought out the best training and methods available in our Industry. Garry is an early adopter, usually first in Australia in most areas of training and equipment usage. I found Garry willing to share his vast knowledge and equipment to Restorers who would listen. He helped me many times. As the Industry is maturing, more and more Restoration leaders are realising that Garry knows what he talks about. He has always been passionate about our Industry and he operates ‘outside the square’. I have always found Garry to be ‘straight up and down’ honest. If he says he will do something, he does. He is REAL, some people have in the past found that difficult to deal with.SYD THOMSON


“Thanks to Garry we were able to save a clients wooden floor which otherwise would have needed to be ripped out. The client had severe allergies so she was extremely happy with the system and the ease of which everything was able to be restored. Not only did Garry spend his Saturday training us to set up and use the system but he also helped us carry the gear up 5 levels using only the stairs, as the lift was out of action. I would highly recommend Garry for anyone requiring specialised drying equipment. The training and knowledge is second to none.” CARPET CLEANING KINGS TEAM


“Garry provided an upto date training package with relevant information that has enabled me to feel more confident in approaching different jobs.  Garry has the most knowledge in our industry and it was great to sit under his teaching.  I think anyone considering formal training in water damage should rethink their training options ...  Onwards & Upwards, thanks Garry & staffNATHAN HARDING